UNCG Collaborative Capacity Work Group

Charge: To build upon the UNCG Guide to Collaborative Competencies Report (2011) and to seek to develop a collaborative capacity guidance document for those working within organizations and agencies in collaborative governance settings. This will be explored in the context of the evolving understanding of collaborative governance, the UNCG Guide to Collaborative Competencies, and recent efforts in implementing collaborative capacity assessments in agencies and organizations.

Work Group Members:

1. Bob Jones, FSU, FCRC Consensus Center, Work Group Lead

2. Mary Lou Addor, NC State, Raleigh, Natural Resource Leadership Institute

3. Marci DuPraw, Collaborative Strategies Group LLC & NOVA Southeastern University,

4. Kirk Emerson, Univ. of Arizona,

5. Catherine Gerard, Director, Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict & Collaboration, Syracuse University

6. William Logue, U Mass Boston Office of Public Collaboration

7. Tina Nabatchi, PARCC, Maxwell School of Citzenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

8. Maria Placht, US Army Corps of Engineers, Institute for Water Resources/CPC

9. Charlie Pou, Advisor to Administrative Conference of the U.S.

10. Shari Schaftlein, USDOT FHWA, Office of Project Development and Environmental Review

11. Laurel Singer, National Policy Consensus Center, PSU

12. John Stephens, UNC, Chapel Hill, Institute of Government, Public Dispute Resolution Program

13. Adam Sutkus, California State University, Sacramento, Center for Collaborative Policy
14. Laurie Thorpe, Team Leader, Independent Resources,U.S. Forest Service

15. Debra Whitall, Ph.D., Social Scientist, U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region